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Long Live to peshmarga

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Dolphins Playing with Our Jet Skis in Santa Monica


Something magic happened over the weekend.  As an early Christmas present I took Kirk Ouimet out for his first time ever on some jet skis.  As I was leaving the house I grabbed the GoPro “just in case something crazy happens”..


A day blessed with perfect weather became a Continue reading

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Mirror Selfie T-Shirt

mirror selfie shirtThere are BIG ideas and then there’s this idea. This is no BIG idea : “The #mirrorselfie T-Shirt

If you immediately understand what the T-shirt above is all about then you should probably gift one to that “mirror selfie” taking human in your life. Merry Christmas babe: http://teespring.com/mirror-selfie

If you want Continue reading

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Dear Jess, Your Bucket List is My Bucket List – Dolphins!

garrett gee travel

Dear Jess, I know you’re absolutely gaga over dolphins. It’s fun to see the pure joy that comes to your face every time you see them. Since the day I found out it was your bucket list dream to swim with them..it became my bucket list to Continue reading

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Manilla Gee

jessica gee

September 16, 2014 was graced with the birth of our first son, Manilla Morgan Gee.

Leading up to his birth, there was a lot of predictions (and a little bit of betting) as to whether he would be brown like me, or more fair like his mother. But, when the special day came, our only hope was for Continue reading

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The Nutrition Gradient

Nutrition Gradient

I’m writing this for myself.  Or at least people who think like me.  This is for people who want to be the very best version of themselves.  Those willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.  People who understand there is happiness in knowledge and joy in progression.  I’m writing this for people who want to be healthier.


Currently (Aug 2014) I am 25 ish years old, my wife Jessica, our daughter Dorothy Seven, and I live in Provo, Utah where I play soccer for Brigham Young University and run my own Continue reading

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3 Things on My Wish List for the iPhone 6

white iphone 6

Apple will be presenting the new iPhone 6 and other expected goodness on September 9th, 2014. If you’ve never watched an Apple announcement live, you should try it out. They’re usually quite special : )

Although Apple has not confirmed anything, it is predicted that Apple’s big announcement will revolve around 2 products, (1) the new iPhone 6 and (2) some sort of wearable-tech (kinda like Google Glass and the Samsung watch…only NOTHING like Google Glass or the Samsung watch ;).

For these 2 products I’ve made the following hopeful wishes. These are not predictions. If anything, I can guarantee these wishes will not Continue reading

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Just an Idea : The Family Fund

the-family-fundLately (and by lately I mean since 2348 BC) there has been a lot of negative criticism directed towards different religions and churches, including my own faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).  This is nothing of the sort. The Family Fund is just my simple “in the shower” optimistic idea to solve a problem I’ve been Continue reading

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Custom QR Code Wooden Coasters – Made by Tinkering Monkey

custom qr codes by scan

Today, the Mailman dropped off a special surprise! A little something special cooked up by a combination of Scan’s QR code generator and the custom woodwork of Tinkering Monkey : QR Code Coasters! TEST the codes below using Continue reading

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Worlds Colliding! Scan + BYU Soccer

garrett gee byu soccerToday is a very proud day for me. BYU Soccer has began using Scan to sell tickets and season passes. It makes me so happy to see 2 things that I’ve worked so hard on, come together in a beautiful way. Here’s the link if you’d like to Continue reading

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