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    Jacquie Littlejohn of Weston is “totally thrilled that ‘my’ Baltimore Orioles are back. And not just one pair, but two! I would have thought they’d be more territorial but I’ve been watching them for days and all four of them are still right here, gathering nesting materials and apparently quite harmonious. Equally exciting is the pair of Wood Thrush nesting nearby.
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    A voter survey in March showed that 44 percent of Democrats said he deserved another four years, and 45 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of him in a poll last month.
    Still, Cribbs told hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic that he’ll keep showing up to work to prove he is eligible for his workout bonus..

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    Mingo had 46 tackles, including 15 tackles for losses, and eight sacks as a sophomore.
    2013 Fantasy Football: As Usual, Drew Brees Will be a Stud This Season It should be noted that Brees still threw for over 5,000 yards, making it the second consecutive season that he did so and the third time overall. Despite that dip, Brees has still maintained a career completion percentage of 65.6 to Ryans 62.7. In 2011, he smashed the singleseason passing record, previously held by Dan Marino, when he passed for 5,476 yards. Ryan has yet to surpass 4,800 passing yards in a single season. Brees has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2004 AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Super Bowl MVP, seven ProBowl appearances and NFL Offensive Player of the Year twice. He was also the fastest player to reach 40,000 passing yards. This is all very impressive for a guy who injured his throwing shoulder in 2005 and felt that his team at the time, the San Diego Chargers , had lost confidence in his ability to play. None of this is meant to be a slight against Ryan or what he has accomplished with the Falcons to date. He has a bright football future ahead of him and probably many more playoff games to play.

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    NOTES: Rivera said he expects that middle linebacker Jon Beason will play Sunday against Arizona.
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I think he showed that he is not as bad of a coach as I and others make him out to be, but actually a middling coach who can rise up to the occasion and outcoach lucky bastards who have the two greatest players of their generation playing for them (Shaq and MJ, there is a reason that Kobe has not won without Shaq and Shaq has won without Kobe. Why [url=http://www.officialnflbearsprostore.com/17_Alshon_Jeffery_Authentic_Jersey.html]White Alshon Jeffery Bears Jersey[/url] doesn anyone give Shaq the props he deserves and proclaim him the player of the period of time after MJ? Kobe just isn good enough to win it without him, and he never will, the same with Phil is never going to win another championship with Kobe). Doc just flat out bent Phil over and said, am your daddy! Memo to Phil: it ok to make ingame adjustments like taking out Lamar Odom because he can stretch the floor and playing a lineup that consists of Fisher, Vujacic/Radmonovic, Kobe, Farmar/Walton, and Gasol/Turiaf. 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I see them beating Portugal in the finals (really, I just want to make fun of Ronaldo again)Watch them and the rest of the tournament this week on the ESPN Channels and ABC.Now prior to the game yesterday, I thought the Mets should have gotten Ted Turner on the line to ask him if the team could star in a new Tyler Perry commercial showing this season highlights and having [url=http://www.broncosofficialproshop.com/99_Kevin_Vickerson_Authentic_Jersey.html]Youth Kevin Vickerson Limited Orange Team Color Jersey[/url] Jose Reyes at the end [url=http://www.eaglesofficialnfl.com/25_Lesean_Mccoy_Authentic_Jersey.html]Limited LeSean McCoy Green Jersey[/url] go, very funny. maybe Omar Minaya, Mets General Manager, should have called up Vince McMahon at the WWE and asked Vinceto trade KRod for the Undertaker. After all, the Undertaker would fit right in with the dead Mets team playing right now. 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SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Learn from that proverb. Its not awkward unless you make it that way.The two things I did not expect was to Ray Allen find his shooting stroke and become the most consistent player on either team offensively and then for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to effectively render the Lakers useless because Kobe was taking 25 shots and only scoring 25 points. By keeping him from the line, it forced Kobe to take more shots than he wanted, limiting the touches for the other players around him. There is a reason that the Lakers did not score as much in this series than they did in any other. Everybody scoring was down and that is the great team defense that the Celtics played. The same as Football, Defense Wins. Period.Johan Santana never gave Mets manager, Jerry Manuel, the chance to take the ball from him and give it to the KRodless bullpen Thursday. Santana threw 9 shutout innings surrendering just 4 hits in the 40 Mets win. The lefty fanned 10 Rockies, including the first three to start the game.Yet, the real reason that the Celtics won (last point about this game, I promise)was not because of the play on the court, but the comraderie off the court. The difference in the desire can be seen in the bench players and those in street clothes. Every possession, the Celtics bench was standing, cheering, and into the game, as if they were playing. I can count the times I saw Brian Scalabrine or Eddie House jumping up and down and cheering on their teammates. The same goes for Sam Cassel. Everybody bled for each other and [url=http://www.footballraidersstore.com/99_Lamarr_Houston_Authentic_Jersey.html]Game Lamarr Houston White Jersey[/url] represented what it truly means to be a team. By second team, I mean the Mets. And I just gotta say I think this is one of the biggest mistakes that the Mets could have made. 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