3 Things on My Wish List for the iPhone 6

white iphone 6

Apple will be presenting the new iPhone 6 and other expected goodness on September 9th, 2014. If you’ve never watched an Apple announcement live, you should try it out. They’re usually quite special : )

Although Apple has not confirmed anything, it is predicted that Apple’s big announcement will revolve around 2 products, (1) the new iPhone 6 and (2) some sort of wearable-tech (kinda like Google Glass and the Samsung watch…only NOTHING like Google Glass or the Samsung watch ;).

For these 2 products I’ve made the following hopeful wishes. These are not predictions. If anything, I can guarantee these wishes will not be fulfilled on September 9th.

My iPhone 6 Wish List:

– The Size of a Credit Card : For some reason most phone manufacturers seem to be under the foolish impression that bigger is better. And for some foolish reason Apple seems to be following this mistaken trend. My perfect phone would be as close to the size of a credit card as possible. I understand that thickness is currently a major limit (especially for a high quality camera) but the width and height is now a choice. Some people may argue that bigger screens make for better game play and better reading/consumption, but the truth is, I don’t want to spend more time on my phone. I want it to quickly and powerfully enrich my life and then quickly go back into my pocket where it belongs : ) If and when I want to spend more time consuming on a bigger screen, I have an iPad and a Macbook. Plus, if you put your credit card up to your current iPhone 6, the screen is already about the size of a credit card. Thus wish #2..

– Edge to Edge Disappearing Screen : I voiced my desires for a disappearing screen in a post last year. To add to that, I think making 1 entire side of the phone a screen would look quite brilliant. Here’s a gif to help show what I’m talking about.

iPhone 6 screen

– Timeless Materials : As a designer, I’m always striving to create things that only get better with age. I understand that it wouldn’t necessarily be in Apples best financial interest to create products that literally last forever, but that’s not what I’m saying. Currently, Apple products are perfectly polished and gorgeous when freshly untouched. But the moment they begin to collect finger prints, dings, and scratches they very quickly begin to lose their perfection. The display/screen should definitely be as polished and perfect as possible. But, why not use a more “timeless” material for the back. Perhaps a metal that welcomes and builds character with every scratch, drop, wear and tear.

aged metal

My Apple “wearable-tech” Wishlist:

– NOT a watch : Who wears watches? Especially watches big enough to be tech enabled..? Mostly businessmen. So if Apple is going to create wearable-tech, it needs to be cross gender and multi generational. They’ve achieved this with their iPods, Macbooks, and most everything else. Even their symbolic white headphones seem to work for kids, extreme athletes, and professional business folk. I think it would be incredibly hard to achieve that same spread with a watch. BUT, a band is a different story.

Apple iWatch

Look at what Nike has been able to achieve with the Nike Fuel Band. You see them at work, at play, young people, old people, and everywhere. Perfect. So, my wish would be that the upcoming Apple wearable-tech be something like the Nike Fuel Band (only better with Apple’s magical and powerful tech: ) .. I really don’t think this wish is too far off. After all, Tim Cook is on the board of Nike. Also, Nike recently discontinued the Fuel Band even though it was doing well for them. Also, Tim Cook himself sports a Fuel Band : ) Check out this amazing mock-up of what that could possibly look like by Thomas Bogner : iWatch

Apple's Latest iPhone Models Go On Sale Across U.S.

– So, a small piece of wearable tech won’t (and shouldn’t) be for consuming a lot of information. It should notify you of emails and help you read them if urgent. But really that is about it. BUT, I think Apple should definitely acquire or at least implement at a major level SPRITZ technology. If you haven’t seen this you need to now. Essentially, SPRITZ enables you to consume a ton of information super fast, 1 word at a time. This makes it perfect for small, wearable-tech!

– Take my data. Take ALL my data : People are very concerned about their privacy. That isn’t me. If Apple wanted to, I would let them put a band on my wrist that injected thousands of microscopic needles into me. Just as long as it enabled them to tell me my true heart rate, body fat percentage, metabolic rate, BMI, illnesses, nutritional deficiencies, sleeping habits, energy levels, and more.

Well Santa..er..I mean, Apple.. There is my 2014 wish list to you. See you on September 9th!


Garrett Gee

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