7 Days in Tahiti: Best Friends, Sharks, and of course, Half-gainers

Last week I had the unreal opportunity to speak aboard the Paul Gauguin in Tahiti. I was invited to be a guest speaker and share my journey of entrepreneurship and hard work with Scan. Tahiti is a place that I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience at least once in their life. It’s the perfect combination of beauty, adventure, and culture. Nowhere before in all my travels (38 countries and counting..) have I come across such raw beauty that is also so safe, playful, and encourages healthy living. Basically all my favorite things packed into one heavenly paradise. This specific adventure was especially unforgettable as I was able to share it with Jessica and both our childhood best friends, Morgan and Valerie.

One of my favorite parts was having some locals teach me to paddle board surf. I wiped out so many times I was literally having sea water leak from my head later on. But if you’re going to wipeout, wipeout into the crystal clear warm waters of Tahiti during a beautiful sunset as local kids cheer you on : )

I’ll let pictures tell the rest of story from here. Minor disclaimer : By no means am I a experienced or skilled photographer. But every time I go to Tahiti I can’t help but feel straight up pro-fesh-i-nal! It is near impossible to take a picture that isn’t absolutely postcard-esque.

***just added a video we made from the trip. scroll down to the bottom to see it!***

Jessica, Valerie, and Morgan about to take off on Tahitian Air from LAX International.

Morgan taking full advantage of Tahitian Air’s amenities.

3.7 seconds before my narcolepsy kicked in and I f…

This champagne was waiting for us when we arrived on board the Paul Gauguin. Sadly for alcohol drinkers…it was still there unopened when we left : /

Jess and I in Papeete. #scanfrancisco ; )

We woke up at 5am on Raietea to this sunrise. Had never seen anything like it.

We created a “hermit crab race course”. The competitors included Taxi Crab, Lil Guy, Stretch, and Usain.

Sun setting behind Bora Bora.

Love this girl.

Half Gainer in Bora Bora Part II. (Part I was two years ago : https://vimeo.com/11223377)

About to go dive with sharks. First time for Valerie and Morgan!!!

Really, one of my favorite things is that first moment when you pull up to a spot, know that you are about to get into the water, and see that first shark swim right alongside and under the boat. I remember saying to Val, “How many times in life do you have the opportunity to be sincerely terrified and face that fear head on?” She was pure trooper about it : )

Here is Val and her new friend, Bruce the shark ; )

Sun Deck on board the Paul Gauguin.

Tahiti makes it a simple pleasure to eat perfectly healthy. Fresh fish, endless fruite, and carrot juice delivered to my cabin every morning by room service.

So let me explain this picture. Years back Morgan and I successfully hid/buried a 48 gallon treasure chest for two years while we we’re away on our missions in Korea/Russia. Since, treasure hiding and hunting has become a friendship tradition, this time, the four of us combined our treasures (notes, riches, 100k shares in Scan, etc) into a vintage glass bottle and hid it up. We have created a treasure map which will be divided and strategically hid up for the right pirate/explorer to someday seek out.

Swimming with sharks and sting rays off of Moorea.

Guest speaker. Sharing the young story of Scan. For sure my best venue yet. For sure my first time speaking with my pirate head band ; )

For me, the week ended one day early as I had to leave the night before everyone else, catch a midnight flight out of Papeete, and travel to the other side of the globe to speak at an event in Luxembourg. I was trying to take a picture that showed both destinations on the globe at the same time. I couldn’t! The two places are located perfectly oppositie each other!

I left Papeete friday night at midnight, then to LAX, then to SFO, direct to Germany, and finally to Luxembourg where I arrived Sunday at 5pm. ..only to speak at 7:30pm that night : ) Was crazy. I’m not bragging..and certainly not complaining..just doing my best to gratefully take full advantage of life’s opportunities.

More pics and videos from the trip can be found on my Facebook and on Instagram using #tahiti2012.

Special and sincere THANK YOU to Escapeseeker, Paul Gauguin, Lime Ricki, QWSTION, and all the friends and supporters that made this adventure possible!

– Garrett

ps. Here is a video we made from the trip! Enjoi:


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