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Call me “obsessive” but anytime I make a purchase or receive a package from one of my favorite brands, I literally do a mini-photo shoot of the unveiling process.  Some brands do a really great job of extending their branding throughout the whole shopping experience, even through the packaging.   I’m just glad that there are brands in the world (albeit few) worth obsessing over!

Well I never had very solid plans on what I was going to do with these pics of my favorite brands until this opportunity came along. I’ve had a lot of people asking me about the swimwear they’ve seen my friends and I sporting on our trip to Tahiti and elsewhere on Instagram. So here is a quick little shoutout to a brand I admire and love, Lime Ricki.

Here are 7 specific things I love about Lime Ricki, followed by 3 ways you can begin to fall in love yourself ; )


7 Things I Love About Lime Ricki:

• Attention to detail : Of course I opened my package to a note and sticker from Lime Ricki. Love companies that care about small details and the full customer experience.

• Fit : The ladies’ suits of course fit sexy, but let me vent for 3 seconds on guys’ suits. Not only do I actually really think short swim trunks look better : ) ..but try them out and you’ll never go back. Why? Try surfing with long board shorts..get in the way right? Try running and long board shorts..chaffing right?! Try a half-gainer off a dock in Bora Bora..wind resistance right!? ; )

• Style : Simply good style. And with each season it only gets better and better.

• Marketing : Check out the Lime Ricki website, the Lime Ricki Facebook page, and elsewhere and treat yourself to lovely photography and marketing (which I hear is the brilliant work of Matthew Clayton… one of my fav photographers ever!).

• Customer Service : Once upon a time I made a mistake while placing my order. It was my bad. Nonetheless, they apologized for the mishap, and immediately made the quick and easy fix. They are REAL people. They interact with their customers on FB and Instagram. It’s almost as if you are “adopted” into the Lime Ricki family ; )

• Affordable : Most brands of such unique style and quality are priced so crazy expensive. Luckily for me and my “obsession”, Lime Ricki is affordably priced.

• Quality : When I buy things I buy them to last (that’s why I switched to soy milk ; ) I’ve put my Lime Ricki suits through endless wear, tear, and half-gainers. No problem at all!


3 Ways You Too Can Fall in Love with Lime Ricki:

• Follow Lime Ricki on Instagram.

• Enjoy the Lime Ricki Blog.

Go pick a suit of your own! For the next 2 weeks, you can use the Lime Ricki promo code “GEE2012” for 15% off! (this excludes sale and factory items). Let me know which suit you pick!


Thank you for reading and thank you, Lime Ricki, for being a brand worth writing about! Here are some pics from my last purchase “photo shoot”.

*Disclaimer: I’m no sort of photographer. If any of these pics look good in any way it is in total credit to Lime Ricki and their great products…despite my rookie photog skills : )


The package and my professional package opening tool.


Attention to the experience details: Lime Ricki love as soon as I opened the box.


The T-shirt that Jess picked out.


The suit that Jess picked out.


The T-shirt that Valerie picked out.


The suit that Valerie picked out.


The T-shirt that Morgan picked out first…looked good in…and I then couldn’t help but copy ; )


The suit that Morgan picked out.


The suit that I picked out : )


Again, here are 3 ways you too can fall in love with Lime Ricki:

• Follow Lime Ricki on Instagram.

• Enjoy the Lime Ricki Blog.

• Go pick a suit of your own! For the next 2 weeks, you can use the Lime Ricki promo code “GEE2012” for 15% off! (this excludes sale and factory items).


Let me know which suit you pick,




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