App Download Buttons – Vector Set – Download

App Download Buttons This one is for you, app developers and designers! I have recreated and slightly customized the top app download buttons for better consistency. You can purchase using the link below: Purchase App Download Buttons

For my own personal projects I was always looking for 1 go-to place for all the top app download buttons but couldn’t find anything of the sort. After finally gathering the official buttons from each official source, I was frustrated at their inconsistencies. They were somewhat alike but just not quite enough for my OCD liking. I have slightly customized sizing, padding, a little bit of color, and packaged them all inclusive just for you!

Files included:
- 1 Fully layered and organized .AI file with all buttons
- 1 Fully layered and organized .EPS file with all buttons

Buttons included:
- Available on the iPhone App Store
- Android App on Google Play
- Download from the Windows Phone Store

See them live in action :

App Download Buttons

NOTE : Apple, Google, and Microsoft do not support nor endorse any of these buttons.



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