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Designer/Founder at @Scan. Captain at @ByuSoccer. Traveling the world with @Settie4444.

Fitness Design – Garrett Gee – 2015 Plan




Here’s the plan : I’d love to get more fit.  Like the fittest my body is safely capable of.  I don’t even know what that fully means but I’m curious and motivated to find out.  What does my body feel and look like at its very best?

I currently work as a mobile app designer and spend a giant block of my days sitting behind a computer screen.  Not ideal for a healthy body but I make special efforts to work it out. Ever since my early days in design school, it confused me why other designers (*stereotype alert*) seemed to care very little about the shape of their body.  In my mind, our body is a “blank canvas” for us to shape and care for.  Perhaps the best project you will ever work on is Continue reading

The Nutrition Gradient

Nutrition Gradient

I’m writing this for myself.  Or at least people who think like me.  This is for people who want to be the very best version of themselves.  Those willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.  People who understand there is happiness in knowledge and joy in progression.  I’m writing this for people who want to be healthier.


Currently (Aug 2014) I am 25 ish years old, my wife Jessica, our daughter Dorothy Seven, and I live in Provo, Utah where I play soccer for Brigham Young University and run my own Continue reading

3 Things on My Wish List for the iPhone 6

white iphone 6

Apple will be presenting the new iPhone 6 and other expected goodness on September 9th, 2014. If you’ve never watched an Apple announcement live, you should try it out. They’re usually quite special : )

Although Apple has not confirmed anything, it is predicted that Apple’s big announcement will revolve around 2 products, (1) the new iPhone 6 and (2) some sort of wearable-tech (kinda like Google Glass and the Samsung watch…only NOTHING like Google Glass or the Samsung watch ;).

For these 2 products I’ve made the following hopeful wishes. These are not predictions. If anything, I can guarantee these wishes will not Continue reading