BYU Entrepreneurship Week 2012 – Speaking with Mick Hagen

Dropped Out of BYU 1 Year Ago This Month

It was 1 year ago this month that I dropped out of Brigham Young University. Since then, I’ve twice had the very fun opportunity to return as a guest speaker. The first time was just 6 months after having dropped out. It It was especially fun presenting to the business school amongst many of my friends and former classmates that I had been in class with just 6 months prior. A video of that presentation is posted here : Garrett Gee – Presentation – BYU Business School.

Entrepreneurial Excitement on BYU Campus

This second opportunity was really something special. It was for the kickoff of the annual Entrepreneurship week at BYU.  BYU’s Center of Entrepreneurship  did a great job of building great hype for the campus-wide event. Weeks before the event, I had friends sending me pictures of posters they found all around campus. Despite these embarrassing posters, it was fun to see the excitement building on campus.

The Opportunity to be on Stage with Mick Hagen

The event was moderated by my former professor (took his same class 3 times), Professor John Richards, and on the stage with him was David Bateman (Property Solutions), Mick Hagen (Undrip), and myself (Scan). The event went well and I heard nothing but positive feedback from the full auditorium of students in attendance.

For me, this event had a a personally humbling and rewarding aspect of its own : The opportunity to be on stage with Mick Hagen. If you’ve never met Mick I hope you one day have that opportunity. For sure follow Mick on Twitter if you don’t already.

I first met Mick last summer in San Francisco while I was there for my first ever investor meeting. He was kind about taking the time to meet up with me and offer his help as I was rookie fresh to the investor scene. I really liked Mick. It was fun to be around someone young and so full of passion for sports, hip hop, style, his family, and of course startups.

As my own investor meetings progressed, I found myself balancing fundraising with school as a full-time student and playing soccer for the BYU mens team. I ended up missing quite a bit of class those summer months but could no-way-no-how miss even 1 soccer practice. The balance of soccer and fundraising resulted in me taking 55 flights between Salt Lake City and San Francisco during the months of July and August (2011). Never would I have been able to successfully survive those crazy days had it not been for the mentorship, guidance, and hospitality of one couple : Mick Hagen and his wife, Rachel.

Thank You Mick and Rachel

Those who know Mick and Rachel know how much they sincerely love helping others. They do so humbly and without desire for spotlight so as to not embarrass them too much, I’ll keep this brief :

Thank you both so much. Being on stage with Mick and hearing his inspiring stories, helped me remember all the amazing ways you both have been so kind and helpful in my own journey. I look up to you both and am grateful for our friendship. Thank you thank you.

Images from the Event

Here are some pictures from the event last week at BYU. Most of which were taken by talented photographer and videographer, Colton Lee. Enjoy : )

Upcoming Speaking Events

It was good fun meeting so many students for the audience after the event. So many amazing individuals that are going to take my seat on stage next year with a story twice as good :)

• Next, I have the opportunity on Thursday, October 11th to speak for my first time ever at University of California, Berkeley.

• After that I’ll be traveling across the way to London, England where I’ll be presenting on stage at the Future of Mobile 2012 : Garrett Gee on the Future of Web Entrepreneurship.

Let me know if you’re in London and interested in attending the Future of Mobile 2012 and I’ll hook you up with a promo code for tickets.



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