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The Role of Luck in Entrepreneurship

Yesterday while speaking on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah I was asked: “How much of Scan‘s success has come from luck?”

My natural and immediate answer was: “Tons. We have had so much luck on our side from the beginning and every step along the way.”

Not the Truth

I wanted to be humble and didn’t want to take credit for all the good that has come to Scan. But after giving it more thought, I would be Continue reading

Plan F : Get Acquihired

*Warning : If you are Hunter Walk then you are going to want to stop reading this post until after you have watched Batman – The Dark Knight Rises.*

My Apetite for an Acquihire

I recently read some articles by Sarah Lacy and Hunter Walk, both regarding Acquihires (when a large company acquires a startup just for its talent). These articles were especially relevant to me as a founder of a young startup that has recently been approached by Continue reading

My Life in 2 Google Years

*Addresses in images now out of date

A Letter from Google

A Saturday morning deep clean of the apartment led me to find an old letter I had received 2 years ago from Google. It was Fall 2010 when I received the letter and I had been focusing on teaching myself web design under the freelancing name, Capital G Design. I’m not even sure what the letter contained, I just remember dancing around excited that Continue reading

Weekend Story – Founders Pow Wow

Some big changes took place within the Scan team last week so I called for a “Founders Pow Wow”. The goal was to tighten our focus on all fronts.

Thanks to the connections and miracle work of the “Escapeseeker“, we we’re able to have our pow wow at the lovely Montage Deer Valley Resort in Park City Utah. The place was incredible. And again, it was thanks to the Escapeseeker that we we’re able to enjoy such a setting on our tight n frugal startup budget.

Thank you to the Montage for making it such an easy pleasure to hide ourselves away for a quiet weekend as we pounded through our new clear plan of FOCUS.

As always, I love to capture the journey with gratitude through my journal and pictures. Here are a few to share :

Continue reading