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My Nike GS2s. One Season Later.

Nike GS2Last December I stayed up late so that 1 minute after midnight I could be among the lucky (crazy) few to purchase the limited edition Nike GS2s.  As a religious winger, my hopes were high that these skinny, lightweight, ballerina-shaped boots would be the perfect cleats for me. One season later, I am happy to return and report that these were my all-time greatest cleats. Ever.

Garrett Gee BYU Soccer

Warning: The following content contains raw uncut images of aging cleats. 

Before you view the images below, let me disclaim that I am especially rough on cleats. It is rare that a pair of boots can last me an entire season like the GS2s have. You’ll notice that Continue reading

One of These Ads is Not Like the Other

Below are two commercials that have recently been playing on tv. Both from “similar” companies, yet these advertisements couldn’t feel any more different.

In my personal opinion, one ad celebrates and captures life, while the other attempts to become your life (all you talk about and do). Well I think I’ll just leave it at that. I won’t even say which is which.



This reminds me of politics. Except that usually both politics choose to belittle their competition. Thank you Apple, for believing in humanity enough to advertise like you do.



My Apple WWDC 2013 Announcement Wish List

iPhone 6With WWDC 2013 quickly approaching this June, there’s a lot of fun rumors going around about what to expect from Apple. Like a movie trailer that spoils the ending, I personally prefer to avoid these rumors and enjoy the announcements the way Apple intended.
These aren’t predictions, rather, just my humble wish list of a few features I’d love to see.

– White Murdered Out Screen (image above)

I’ve always gone white on all of my iOS products. I like the bright cleanliness. However, everytime I see a black iPhone 5 with the screen turned off, I’m very jealous of Continue reading

Unboxing the Nike GS2s

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2Of Fine Craftsmanship

Every once in a while a brand will get it perfectly right. The right textures,  the right features, the right performance and the right feel. Converse did it with their Chuck Taylor All Stars, Gap with the 1969 Jeans, JanSport with their Right Pack, MINI with their Countryman, and now.. Nike with the GS2s.

The Nike GS2 – My Perfect Boot

Long I’ve waited for a brand to step forward and make my perfect cleat. With the brand new GS2, Nike got it suspiciously spot on. I should probably Continue reading

The Les Miserables Scholarship Fund


Les Miserables – In Theaters Now

It’s Christmas night and I just returned with my family from seeing Les Miserables. When I was 11, my mother had taken me to see the play live in London. Once again, but this time as a movie, Les Miserables was seriously life changing.

After I write this quick post I’m going to dive deeper in research and seek out those responsible for the brilliance behind the story, the brilliance behind the music, and now the brilliance behind the movie.

I have a list of movies I keep in my journal called “My Religion”. These are movies that I feel exemplify my personal beliefs in life. Some of these movies include Seven Pounds, John Q, We Bought a Zoo, and Continue reading