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Tahiti Adventure 5

tahiti adventure 5

This is my photo journal from a recent adventure to French Polynesia with my best of friends. I made this mostly for our own personal memoir, but I also hope we can inspire others who see it to travel more, explore life’s boundaries, and spend more time with loved ones.

I love the effect travel has had on my life and am very grateful that we’ve been able to make it a tradition : Tahiti Adventure 1 /// Tahiti Adventure 2 /// Tahiti Adventure 3 /// Tahiti Adventure 4 /// ..and now Tahiti Adventure 5.

I’m much more visual than analytical so there’s really not much information besides my images. If you have any questions or would just like to get in contact, here is my best info: Garrett Gee

Here is a movie I made as a special keepsake to help us remember the adventure:

Again, a very special Continue reading

My Nike GS2s. One Season Later.

Nike GS2Last December I stayed up late so that 1 minute after midnight I could be among the lucky (crazy) few to purchase the limited edition Nike GS2s.  As a religious winger, my hopes were high that these skinny, lightweight, ballerina-shaped boots would be the perfect cleats for me. One season later, I am happy to return and report that these were my all-time greatest cleats. Ever.

Garrett Gee BYU Soccer

Warning: The following content contains raw uncut images of aging cleats. 

Before you view the images below, let me disclaim that I am especially rough on cleats. It is rare that a pair of boots can last me an entire season like the GS2s have. You’ll notice that Continue reading

Unboxing the Nike GS2s

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2Of Fine Craftsmanship

Every once in a while a brand will get it perfectly right. The right textures,  the right features, the right performance and the right feel. Converse did it with their Chuck Taylor All Stars, Gap with the 1969 Jeans, JanSport with their Right Pack, MINI with their Countryman, and now.. Nike with the GS2s.

The Nike GS2 – My Perfect Boot

Long I’ve waited for a brand to step forward and make my perfect cleat. With the brand new GS2, Nike got it suspiciously spot on. I should probably Continue reading