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Twitter Profile Header Photo PSD Template

Earlier today, Twitter announced an update to user profiles by adding a header photo. Similar to Facebook, it’s basically a “Twitter cover photo”.

In other words, they gave their users yet another opportunity to creatively hack our profiles. As shown above, I customized my header photo to display 5 images across.

Want to customize your Twitter header photo? Here is my photoshop template free to download :

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FOR SALE : Social Media Icons – Vector Set

Social Icons Vector

Many people have been asking to buy the social media icon vector set I created to use for my own projects. The set includes 20 full color logos/icons of my favorite networks and services. You can purchase using the button below:


iOS Style – Social Media Icons – Vector Set


All the icons are 100% editable and resizable.

Files included:

1 Fully layered and organized .AI file with all the icons.
1 Fully layered and organized .EPS file with all the icons.
All icons separately organized as .SVGs.
All icons separately organized as .PNGs.

Different icons and formats included:

Apple icon vector, svg, and png
App Store icon vector, svg, and png
AngelList icon vector, svg, and png
Dribbble icon vector, svg, and png
Facebook icon vector, svg, and png
Foursquare icon vector, svg, and png
GitHub icon vector, svg, and png
Google Play icon vector, svg, and png
Google+ icon vector, svg, and png
Instagram icon vector, svg, and png
LinkedIn icon vector, svg, and png
Pinterest icon vector, svg, and png
Quora icon vector, svg, and png
Tumblr icon vector, svg, and png
Twitter icon vector, svg, and png
Vimeo icon vector, svg, and png
Vine icon vector, svg, and png
Windows icon vector, svg, and png
Yelp icon vector, svg, and png
Youtube icon vector, svg, and png

retina social icons

A lot of hard work went into these and I hope they are of benefit to you. Would love to hear from you, get your feedback, and for sure see the lovely projects you’re working on with these icons.

Here is the button again to purchase:


iOS Style – Social Media Icons – Vector Set




Scan – DIY Conference Room Chalk Board

So I have a problem: I love my “work”. I therefore “work” 24-7. However, for religious reasons, I should not “work” on Sundays. Thus my problem. To solve this, I spend my Sunday’s “working” on art projects. Ha. I guess that makes sense.   My art project for the past 3 Sundays: a homemade chalkboard for the Scan conference room.

Here are some pics to show the process and end result:

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Feature Proposal – Facebook “Red Card” Button


…I have come across multiple discussion boards where Facebook users are asking for a “dislike” button. It seems the “like” button just isn’t enough.

What if Facebook were to add Yellow Card and Red Card buttons?

…then, rather than simply “disliking” a photo, users could “card” a photo. The level they disapprove or dislike a photo would determine Continue reading

Designing for BYU – All-American Wall Wrap


I love the “CREATION” aspect of design: To take an idea/vision, and bring it to life. Especially when my “canvas space” is an entire wall.

The Student Athlete Building on Brigham Young University campus had a wall needing to be replaced. They showed me the wall I would be working on, and explained what changes needed to be made. I actually Continue reading