Dear Apple, My Only Feature Request

There are most obviously 107+ things I adore about my new iPhone 5, but this post is about the 1 thing I don’t. The 1 feature I was hoping and wishing Apple would include in iOS 6 but didn’t : Screen Brightness.

My favorite thing about the iPhone is the brilliance of the retina display. For that reason, I’m always wanting my screen as bright as possible. However, depending on my setting and whether I’m needing to save battery life, I find myself very often needing to manually adjust the brightness. I’ve even found that different apps require more/less brightness (ex. I always pump up the brightness to edit/review photos before posting to Instagram).

Currently, getting to the right page to adjust the brightness takes me 3-5 taps and requires me to leave any app I’m currently usingĀ (pictured below).

My feature request: Dear Apple, I love you. Please show your love back by letting me double tap the home button and easily adjust the brightness of my screen (pictured below).

The iPad does this wonderfully. The iPhone is half way there with volume. But really, if for some reason you had to pick between brightness and volume for the iPhone then I personally feel brightness would be the better choice. Especially since a user always has access to the actual volume buttons on the side of the phone. The image below shows 3 different ways to adjust the volume (include the phone’s side buttons) but 0 ways to adjust the brightness.

Thank you, Apple for making a device worth being so picky about. Thank you, for caring what us customers think. I admire your beautiful work. Please help me admire it brighter : )


Garrett Gee

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