iPhone 5S Stock Images Download

iPhone template downloadAs a fun weekend project, Anthony Lagoon and I created and launched a new website, iphonetemplates.com. The purpose of the website is to give app developers and designers an easy yet quality way to showcase and display their apps on Apple’s newest iPhones.

The website includes photoshop template downloads for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in a variety of colors and settings.

You can view and download these photoshop templates at iphonetemplates.com.

app template download

Each Photoshop file has been carefully created with a smart object which allows you to quickly and easily place your app/design perfectly onto the phones screen. Here is a 1 minute tutorial video that shows the step by step process :

Here are some links to some specific templates:

Gold iPhone 5S Stock Image Download

White iPhone 5S Stock Image Download

Black iPhone 5S Stock Image Download

Blue iPhone 5C Stock Image Download

Pink iPhone 5C Stock Image Download

Green iPhone 5C Stock Image Download

White iPhone 5C Stock Image Download

Yellow iPhone 5C Stock Image Download

Thank you for checking out our new site! We hope you find it useful!




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