Manilla Gee

jessica gee

September 16, 2014 was graced with the birth of our first son, Manilla Morgan Gee.

Leading up to his birth, there was a lot of predictions (and a little bit of betting) as to whether he would be brown like me, or more fair like his mother. But, when the special day came, our only hope was for a safe and healthy arrival.

What’s in a name? Manilla Morgan Gee

My ancestry is from Manila, Philippines. 
Manila means “faint hint of Vanilla”.
Two L’s because all our names have 7 letters.
Morgan is a family name, a friend name, and a great name.
Gee is pronounced “G”

We are very grateful for Manilla. I remember the moment we placed him and his carseat in our car for the first time. Seeing the backseat so full with both Dorothy and Manilla showed me that we had officially made the transition from “young married couple with a baby” to a family.

Here are some pictures from those first special days in the life of Manilla Gee :

russian baby announcement

Here is a graphic I created to announce Jessica being prego : )

garrett gee wife

Our last picture taken as a family of 3. Photo by the talented Matthew Clayton.

manilla gee

Our first time seeing baby Gee. When we found out we were having a girl with Dorothy, it was humbling and precious. This time, finding out we had a boy was exciting and victorious ; )

jessica gee

Healthy momma = Healthy bebe

jessica gee

Jessica and Dorothy on the beach in Hawaii. We actually had plans to move to Laie, Oahu. Then we DID move to Laie, Oahu. And then 10 days later, just weeks before Manilla was born, those plans changed and we moved back to Provo.

jessica gee

Jess was a trooper through all the madness and moves leading up to Manilla’s delivery.

manilla gee

A false alarm trip to the delivery room. About 7 days before actual “showtime” : /

manilla gee

The top picture is from Nov 6, 2012the day Dorothy was born. The bottom picture is our history repeating itself ; )

timpanogos temple

September 16th was a calm sunny day. Perfect weather. We had a pleasant view of the Timpanogos Temple from our delivery room.

manilla gee

The calm before the storm..

manilla gee

Seconds old..

manilla gee

First moments with mom.

manilla gee

First moments for father and son.


About to get my first bath. I was born with some acne on my chest..not 14 nipples as my parents mistakenly thought..

jessica gee

Jess handled labor like a champ. She pushed for maybe a minute or so was all. This pic above was taken right after Manilla’s first bath. So about 1 hour after the birth. I was super surprised and very impressed to see Jess sitting up, perfectly alert, and smiling : )


First meeting for brother and sister.



We love our time in the hospital. Hospitality is great ; ) But really, I love the food there. We stayed the full 3 days both times. We were blessed to have some family and friends come visit Manilla while we were still there.

manilla gee

Grandpa and Grandma Gee

manilla gee

Grandma Maughan.


Aunt JoJo. She also changed Manilla’s first diaper. An honor that I, the father, was gracious enough to pass on..


Leigh and Morgan Lyman


Natalie (and Alex) Madsen

manilla gee

My inch. I mean, my foot ; )

placenta smoothie

So…let’s talk about placenta ; ) Before Dorothy was born, someone explained to me how in nature a mother eats her placenta immediately after labor to replenish everything lost during pregnancy and the birth. Basically, they explained that it is one of the greatest sources of nutrients on the planet. SOLD. I wanted to try placenta for myself. YES, I understand that it looks beyond gnarly. But why not at least try it?

Some people told me you could grill it like a steak, but I decided that if I was going to eat this thing, I was going to do it in the most un-tampered state possible. Blend it?

With Dorothy’s birth, I brought our magic bullet, BUT, when the nurse said to me “You’re not some of those weirdos that want to eat your placenta are you??” ..I chickened out.

Afraid that I would chicken out again, I took it out of my hands and hired a Doula to come retrieve Jessica’s placenta and prepare it into a smoothie for us. Our Doula was fantastic, she took the placenta and returned with 3 smoothies and some pills for us : )

placenta smoothie

Here’s a pic of Jess “enjoying” her own placenta..smoothie : )

placenta pills

The rest of the placenta was made into placenta pills.


Being burp’d face. He looked super “mister miyagi” every time. It was our favorite : )


Fresh out from heaven.

manilla gee

His first playlist..


Locked and loaded. Precious cargo safely in the car and ready to come home.


Motherhood ; )

manilla gee

Missing Heaven..

manilla gee

First bath..

manilla gee

Scary SCARY scary story. Our first time leaving the house with baby Manilla, we got in a car accident. Jess was driving with Grandma Maughan in the passenger seat and myself in the back middle seat next to Manilla on my left (Dorothy at home with a sitter). We pulled out into the intersection and a man with his head down came screaming straight at us and t-boned us right in Manilla’s door! It was terrifying. Jessica turned into super-human-bear-momma and tore the door open to grab Manilla and rush me off to the side of the road. Manilla was sleeping and although he woke up and began to cry, the ambulance and hospital were able to assure that he was otherwise perfectly unharmed.

manilla gee

Morning baby..


Jessica and I are so grateful for all the love and support we have received from family and friends. From Jess, Dorothy, Manilla, and myself, THANK YOU.



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