Mirror Selfie T-Shirt

mirror selfie shirtThere are BIG ideas and then there’s this idea. This is no BIG idea : “The #mirrorselfie T-Shirt

If you immediately understand what the T-shirt above is all about then you should probably gift one to that “mirror selfie” taking human in your life. Merry Christmas babe: http://teespring.com/mirror-selfie

If you want some explanation :

The selfie, a self-taken portait, was invented in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, and then crafted and perfected by Acacia Brinley and other yurus (young human gurus that are better at life than adults). The “mirror selfie” is basically a selfie for those specific moments when you look into the mirror and think “hot dang, I need to capture this..”

mirror selfie shirt

..sooo a while back the picture above came across my social feed. Another good human sharing an attractive photograph of themself in the mirror. I noticed the backwards text on his shirt and thought.. “MIRROR SELFIE SHIRT!”

Well the idea (being 95% meh) basically died moments after conception . . . until it made its victorious comeback the moment I heard about Teespring! As far as I can understand (in the 1 hr since I heard of it), Teespring is a service that lets you post a design for a shirt and set a target goal. No risk for the designer : )

So for me, I uploaded my design for #MIRRORSELFIE T-Shirt and set the goal at 23. If you like the shirt then you can pre-order 1 of the 23. If you rrreeeaaallllllyyy like the shirt, then you should probably pre-order the shirt AND share the link with your friends because if I don’t reach my goal of at least 23 then it never reaches production and we all lose (but the world and humanity wins ; )

Just in time for Christmas : http://teespring.com/mirror-selfie

mirror selfie shirt

Also, here’s the link : http://teespring.com/mirror-selfie


Garrett Gee

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