My 3 Favorite Sunglasses

warby parker caseI don’t wear glasses very often. I most always prefer to view things as they naturally are without any sort of lens between me and raw vision. However, some products are just irresistibly well made. Here are 3 of my favorite glasses I’ve acquired recently.. 


Frame: Maverick Gold – Lens : Black – Tip : White/Forest Green

Everything about TOMS is great. I take that back. Everything about TOMS was great until they started making wedges. Personal opinion. Maybe they threw wedges into the mix just to see if BOBS would continue to blindly follow/copy them. Maybe.

Toms Sunglasses CaseThe case for my TOMS is beautiful. I love when products get more beautiful with age, wear, and tear.

Toms Sunglasses PackagingI bought these right before one of our trips to Tahiti.  They seemed like a must have accessory for any legit photography, or in my case, someone trying to become a legit photographer ;)

Toms Sunglasses FrameCheck out the wooden temples. LOVELY. The paint on the tips has since began to wear off quite a bit but not in a bad way. It looks quite nice as they age with character.

Link to Purchase : TOMS Sunglasses (closest I could find)

MY EXPLORERS (not an official name)

I found these gems at the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Fort Bridger Wyoming. Thus the absence of any actual links. I love them. To me, they’re the combination of welder goggles, aviator goggles, and something the Olsen twins would wear. All good things right?

Vintage Round SunglassesThe lenses are big, round, and BIG. If this picture makes them look big well then they’re a little bigger than that.

vintage round sunglassesThe frame is made of a pretty sturdy metal of some sort. I’m excited to see how they age over the years. Over each lens is something of a shade or visor. Almost an upper eyelash.

Vintage circle sunglassesI wish I could provide a more solid link to these ones. For the mean time/the inbetween time : Link to search on Amazon : Vintage Round Sunglasses


Frame: Beckett – Lens : Clear (no perscription) – Color : Revolver Black Matte

Ah Warby Parker. You have my heart. I’ve had the privilege of knowing the founders and many of the people at Warby Parker and they’re all as terrific as their products.

Warby Parker ShippingFor those of you new to Warby Parker, they have this brilliant Home Try-on program. Basically, you pick a 5 of your favorites from their website, they ship them to you to try on at home, and you pick your fav.

Warby Parker Glasses caseI’m actually not sure how they offer their glasses at such affordable prices. On top of beautiful designs, their products are all of high quality.

Warby Parker BeckettSo yea, although all Warby Parker’s come available in any perscription, my non-perscription glasses are just for looks. Just for “smarts” kinda thing :)

Link to purhcase : Warby Parker Glasses

..because great products deserve great recognition..



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