My 7 Favorite Quotes Said of Michael Jordan

Michael-Jordan-Rookie-YearWhen I was 13 years old, I was fortunate enough to watch Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls take on the Seattle Supersonics from a court-side seat. That one game changed my entire perspective of athleticism. Here are 7 of my favorite quotes said by others about his Airness:

The Greatest Show of Your Life

“Whatever you paid to see Michael Jordan it wasn’t enough. You knew that every night out there you were gonna get the greatest concert of your life.”

– Michael Wilbon

Every Game a Michael Jordan Moment

“When Jordan would go out for the spotlight introduction he would look up into the stands and he would realize that there was at least someone up there that night who had never seen him before who would never see him again and this would be the one Michael Jordan moment they ever had and would say he was playing for those people there.”

– Bob Greene

Challenging His Supporting Cast

“And then there was the supporting cast which Michael would challenge relentlessly knowing they too had to be ready when their moment came.”

– Michael Jordan to the MAX

Weaknesses Become Strengths

“The weakest part of Michael’s game on the offensive end was his shooting. So he obviously mastered something that everybody said he couln’t when he came out of college. and he did it by shooting shooting shooting shooting consistently  The other thing that people told him that he wasn’t really great defensive player but the best defensive player in the NBA. This guy said those are my weaknesses I’m gonna figure out how to make those my strengths. And he did it.”

– Phil Jackson

Because He Wasn’t Good

“Every day the first person there before the sun would be Jordan and he was there because he wasn’t good. He would work with a batting instructor and work all day long and be the last person to leave also.”

– Bob Greene

Man on a Mission

“He’s the type of man that could get you to jump off a bridge or at least think about it for a few seconds. He has such a will to accomplish a mission that everyone follows.”

– Walter Iooss Jr.

How Quickly Scottie Pippen Forgets*

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game but I may go as far as to say that Lebron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game.”

– Scottie Pippen
*Sometimes the most motivating statements are those with with you disagree.
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