My Apple WWDC 2013 Announcement Wish List

iPhone 6With WWDC 2013 quickly approaching this June, there’s a lot of fun rumors going around about what to expect from Apple. Like a movie trailer that spoils the ending, I personally prefer to avoid these rumors and enjoy the announcements the way Apple intended.
These aren’t predictions, rather, just my humble wish list of a few features I’d love to see.

– White Murdered Out Screen (image above)

I’ve always gone white on all of my iOS products. I like the bright cleanliness. However, everytime I see a black iPhone 5 with the screen turned off, I’m very jealous of the smooth murdered out look. Each time, I’ll look down at my white iPhone 5, blink off the screen and be saddened by the large black space that remains visible.

Last year while traveling in Japan, I saw these video monitors that were part of a white glossy surface. The video content was perfectly bright and clear, and then when turned off, they disappeared completely, leaving a perfectly white glossy surface with no sign that a video monitor was ever there. I want this for my white iOS devices! Murdered out? Give me Angeled out!

– Brightness Toggle

I’ve voiced this before but still, this simple wish remains un-granted. Simply put, I want a quicker easier way to adjust the brightness of my screen.

– Width of the iPhone 5/Height of the iPhone 4 (image above)

It only took 1 day with my new iPhone 5 before holding any iPhone 4 felt like a total heavy thick brick. I’ve really loved how thin and light the iPhone 5 is. However, I’ve never really been too excited over the added screen size. If anything, I often find it a little more difficult to use and reach.

I would love to see the best of both worlds. As shown in the image above, I’d love the width of the iPhone 5 while keeping the height of the iPhone 4. The result, an even lighter device that is quite close to the size and dimensions of a credit card.

 ps. Would be exciting sweetness if the camera was also an enabled QR READER :)



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