My Life in 2 Google Years

*Addresses in images now out of date

A Letter from Google

A Saturday morning deep clean of the apartment led me to find an old letter I had received 2 years ago from Google. It was Fall 2010 when I received the letter and I had been focusing on teaching myself web design under the freelancing name, Capital G Design. I’m not even sure what the letter contained, I just remember dancing around excited that “big company” Google had sent something to little ol me.

Working Hard to Determine My Own Future

Seeing this letter and remembering my excitement made me realize just how quickly things can change when you work your hardest. I had been using freelance to develop my skills in preparation of someday pursuing my own venture. Those valuable skills got put to work as Ben Turley, Kirk Ouimet, and myself began working on a project, QR Code City (later named Scan). As our project began to quickly find adoption and success, I was invited to meet with Google Ventures regarding a potential seed round of funding.

“Good story – short”, they decided to join my co-founders and I in building Scan into something incredible and invested in our seed round. Our partner lead at Google Ventures is the ever-impressive David Krane.  If VC firms are to be judged by the individuals within their team, then David Krane makes Google Ventures absolute tops. He’s a prime example of investors who care about their founders and sincerely help them build their companies into something meaningful.

Fast Forward to Today

Fast forward 1 more year to present date. What went from a simple letter to my small freelance biz, to my first fundraising meeting with Google Ventures, to now attending the annual Google Ventures BBQ for my 2nd time. How quickly hard work and non-stop dreaming can change our situations. Also, as things have progressed for me, I continue to see that behind Google and other impressive organizations I’ve began working with are real people. Not untouchables. Just real people that have all worked hard in their own ways to make it to where they are today.

If you don’t keep a personal blog or journal I would encourage you to do so. Personally, it helps me to remember the adventures of yesterday, make the most of my today, and optimistically look forward to the future.

Below are a few more pics from the last 2 years of adventures with Google :

This was my first time visiting the Google Ventures office. You can tell I took this pic on my way out because I have my Odwalla Superfood from the Google Ventures fridge in hand : )

This car was parked outside Google Ventures. Wasn’t sure if it was one of their partners’ or if Batman also had a meeting to raise some moneys.

How difficult is it to impress Google Ventures? Put your name badge right-side-up and you’re already off to a better start than me.

Networking at the Google Ventures Summer BBQ. Yes, I wear a fanny-pack full of business cards Like a pro!

Work Hard for the Future. Remember Your Past

In the Google Ventures photo booth with Settie.

Thanks for reading. Remember where you came from and the hard work that went into getting you where you are today.

Looking forward  to tomorrow,


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