My Nike GS2s. One Season Later.

Nike GS2Last December I stayed up late so that 1 minute after midnight I could be among the lucky (crazy) few to purchase the limited edition Nike GS2s.  As a religious winger, my hopes were high that these skinny, lightweight, ballerina-shaped boots would be the perfect cleats for me. One season later, I am happy to return and report that these were my all-time greatest cleats. Ever.

Garrett Gee BYU Soccer

Warning: The following content contains raw uncut images of aging cleats. 

Before you view the images below, let me disclaim that I am especially rough on cleats. It is rare that a pair of boots can last me an entire season like the GS2s have. You’ll notice that some of the decals came off. To me, this just further shows how well-crafted the cleats were. Most cleats first break apart at the toe, or the instep, quickly making them unplayable. But the GS2s continued to hold strong in all the right places.

**Click on any of the images below to view an animated gif of the transformation.

Nike Cleats


Nike Soccer Cleats

One of my favorite things about the GS2s is how thin the material is. There is little to no protection, but as a result you get ultimate speed and lightness. I thought the thin materials would quickly wear through, especially in the toes but as you can see they held strong after a long weathered season.

Nike Soccer Cleats


Nike Soccer Cleats

“ACC” stands for All Conditions Control (even if the middle “C” is missing ;)). I love the variety of materials and surfaces on the GS2. It both looks amazing and performs great under all conditions.

Nike Soccer Cleats


Nike Soccer Cleats

The Nike GS2 is a skinny, skinny boot. Really skinny. These make Vapors look chunky. They weren’t my most comfortable cleats, unless comfort means speed, success, and top level performance. So yeah, these were my most comfortable cleats. Ever.

Nike Soccer Cleat


Nike Soccer Cleat

The Nike GS2s look more like a ballet slipper than any cleat I’ve seen before. Look at that arch! So nice. Like a wise man once said, “Kick your balls like Pele. Pick em doin ballet.” – Pras

BYU Soccer - Garrett Gee

Now for the sad news: They made the Nike GS2 as a limited edition cleat. In other words, if some crazy wanted to go buy enough to last me the rest of my days, I cannot :( But, let’s not get our hopes up just yet. If you’re the type to lend a helping hand and optimistically try new things, please tweet the following:

Dear @nikesoccer, please bring back the Nike GS2 for @garrettgee and wingers around the world.

Thank you kind soul. I’ll be sure and retweet you : )



ps. Here is the link back to my initial blog post : Unboxing the Nike GS2s

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