App Download Buttons – Vector Set – Download

App Download Buttons This one is for you, app developers and designers! I have recreated and slightly customized the top app download buttons for better consistency. You can purchase using the link below: Purchase App Download Buttons

For my own personal projects I was always looking for 1 go-to place for all the top app download buttons but Continue reading

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Comparing the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX vs the Nike GS2

Best Soccer CleatsFirst I posted about my love for the Nike GS2. My favorite cleats ever. Then I posted one season later showing how well they had performed for me. Next, I posted about their replacement, the Mercurial Vapor IX. Now finally, a simple Continue reading

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Unboxing the New Mercurial Vapor IX

Mercurial Vapor IXMy first ever pair of Vapors was back in early High School with the Nike Mercurial Vapor K – Kangaroo leather! Seriously loved them. I was very disappointed when Continue reading

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My Nike GS2s. One Season Later.

Nike GS2Last December I stayed up late so that 1 minute after midnight I could be among the lucky (crazy) few to purchase the limited edition Nike GS2s.  As a religious winger, my hopes were high that these skinny, lightweight, ballerina-shaped boots would be the perfect cleats for me. One season later, I am happy to return and report that these were my all-time greatest cleats. Ever.

Garrett Gee BYU Soccer

Warning: The following content contains raw uncut images of aging cleats. 

Before you view the images below, let me disclaim that I am especially rough on cleats. It is rare that a pair of boots can last me an entire season like the GS2s have. You’ll notice that Continue reading

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Scan – Website Redesign – 2013

create QR code

It was 2 years ago when we initially launched v1.0 of the Scan website. It quickly became one of the fastest growing sties for the world to create, manage, and track custom QR codes. Today, were excited to fully introduce v2.0.

When we initially launched v1.0 there were already many other Continue reading

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How We’ve Made Tahiti a Yearly Tradition

Bora Bora Travel

Many people have asked my wife and I how we’re able to travel to Tahiti so often. The one word answer? Escapeseeker.

For those who don’t know, my mother is the host of a luxury travel TV show called, Escapeseeker, where she seeks out the most incredible getaways around the world. Growing up, I had the opportunity to Continue reading

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Shark Week – My Personal Collection

Shark Week

In the true spirit of Christmas SHARK WEEK, here’s a quick roundup of my own shark infested Continue reading

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The Adventure Fund

adventure fund jar

“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

..never let this jar get too full : )



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Unboxing My New Google Glass

Google Glasses

I may be wrong, but I’m quite sure this is the first time I’ve posted about a Google product on my blog. I’m a big fan of Google and use daily many of their services like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and more, but this may be the first time I’ve ever owned a piece of Google Hardware.

Google Glasses

It was a glorious moment when Continue reading

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Tahiti Adventure 4 – Moorea the Beautiful – June 2013

Tahiti Adventure 4

So far, I’ve been blessed to have visited 36 different countries around the world. I was 10 yrs old the first time I visited Tahiti and it immediately became my absolute favorite. Since then, it has become somewhat of a tradition to take a break from the busyness of life and return “home” to the beautiful islands of French Polynesia. These trips have become even more memorable as I’ve been able to enjoy them with family and close friends. This adventure, Jessica and I were joined by John and Megan Heng and Alex and Natalie Madsen.

If my first trip at 10 yrs old was Tahiti Adventure 0, then the tradition would continue as follows:

– Tahiti Adventure 1 :

– Tahiti Adventure 2 :

– Tahiti Adventure 3 :

– Tahiti Adventure 4 :


This trip we had the incredible opportunity to Continue reading

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