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Are You Building a Product or a Use Case?

One of my favorite product stories was listening to Steve Jobs talk about the iPad 1 year after it was released. Since the launch, they had been amazed by the endless number of creative ways customers and businesses were using the iPad. Although each of these unique cases were a surprise in themselves, from the beginning Apple’s iPad had been made in a way that would encourage such endless out-of-the-box creativity.

What Scan Is. What Scan Will Be.

The Scan team is very focused on our mission of bringing together our real world and digital lives. We ourselves use and enjoy digital services like Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping, and many others. With so many of these digital services comes the risk of spending too much time locked in behind our computer or mobile screens. We don’t believe the solution is to avoid using these digital services, but rather, to enable them in the real world.

We are building Scan into a tool that enables digital actions in the real world, through your mobile device. Examples would be scanning a code on a menu to instantly follow your favorite restaurant on Twitter or scanning a code from a poster to instantly make a donation at a charity event. With so many potential use cases, we understand the importance of keeping things simple and focused. Hopefully, as we stay focused, we’ll be able to continuously deliver our customers with a product that inspires their creativity.

Great Ideas From Great Customer

Recently we had some of our customers tweet us about a cool new way they had been using Scan. They had created a Personal Scan Page and then added their custom made code to their iPhone’s lock screen. Instead of always needing to have business cards on hand, they have all their personal information readily available for sharing directly from their lock screen.


Brilliance! Although, this use case isn’t within out current development focus, we did love it enough to implement it within our own team. Major props and thank you to Bryce Morgan and Kent Gigger for their creative minds.

Create Your Own Lock Screen Business Card

If you’d like to create your own :

• Generate your custom QR code on Scan.

• Use this Illustrator and Photoshop Template (iPhone 5) : Download Template

Would love to see what you come up with. Be sure and share!

Here is mine :


Have a good day,



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