Unboxing the Nike GS2s

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2Of Fine Craftsmanship

Every once in a while a brand will get it perfectly right. The right textures,  the right features, the right performance and the right feel. Converse did it with their Chuck Taylor All Stars, Gap with the 1969 Jeans, JanSport with their Right Pack, MINI with their Countryman, and now.. Nike with the GS2s.

The Nike GS2 – My Perfect Boot

Long I’ve waited for a brand to step forward and make my perfect cleat. With the brand new GS2, Nike got it suspiciously spot on. I should probably double check the back page of my sketch pad and make sure they didn’t straight tear it out ;) Here are a few of my favorite things about this boot :

• The heel : The heel is short and thin. Non obtrusive. The vapors had it right for a while but have had more and more padding added over time.

• The overall shape : The overall shape is a light and speedy combination of a ballet slipper, a sock, and some sexy sports car. Not built so much for protection or comfort, but rather for pure speed. Luckily I have my priorities straight.

• The fine details : It was only after unboxing these boots that I was able to admire and appreciate the fine craft that was put into every little detail. The materials and textures bleed quality.

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2

Soccer Cleat Nike GS2


Soccer Cleat Nike GS2


Soccer-Cleat-Nike-GS2-Garrett-bReady to treat your feet to the Nike GS2? You can get them over at soccer.com!


ps. Nike, you can go ahead and let me know right now if you plan on making this cleat timeless or if I should stock up now like I wish I would have with your Nike Mercurial Vapor’s in kangaroo leather.

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