Weekend Story – Family. Food. and a Diving Board.

This past weekend was the baby blessing of my new nephew, Everett Shelby Noakes. My family and I enjoyed a weekend together at the home of Everett’s proud parents, my sister Christina and her husband Shelby. It was a fun weekend of family, food, and as always with this family, WATER!!! Here are some pics from the weekend. Enjoi :

Sheila. Christina. Mi Madre.

A feast in the making.

Whether it’s a feast, or a bowl of cereal for breakfast, my mother is aalll about presentation. Incredible.

Baby Everett and Grandpa Joe.

Olivia. Violet. and their tongues ; )

Brady and Violet. Or as they refer to themselves in the pool, “Ruffles and Meh!”

Violet screaming, “Da Mooon!”

My sister Jonaynay goin cray cray!

My sister Christina and her highly coveted ballerina hops!

…and this is how the weekend ended. With me dropping 2,500 ft from a hot air balloon into the pool. Justaplayin.

Love you family.

Thanks for reading,


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